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"If we’re successfully meeting the objectives we’ve set for ourselves, we’re building the reputations of our clients..."

Chances are that few of the hundreds of thousands of consumers we serve every day would recognize the name Faneuil. But they know how knowledgeable the customer service representatives at the power company call center are in responding to their inquiries and how effortless it is to navigate the expressway toll lanes during rush hour. They’ll tell you how essential system and network uptime are to their business, and how critical it is to have access to accurate, timely information about unemployment benefits if faced with an unanticipated job loss.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If we’re successfully meeting the objectives we’ve set for ourselves, we’re building the reputations of our commercial and government clients through the superior quality services we’re providing to their customers on their behalf. And in doing that, we’re continuing to enhance our own brand within those sectors nationwide, where we’re already widely recognized as being the best at what we do.

While our approach is simple and straightforward, the customized business solutions we craft for our clients are as diverse as they are. You’ll find no “off the shelf” remedies here. Every project begins with a conversation in which we listen intently to identify our client’s needs, timeline and resources. We then bring in advanced technological applications, management expertise, and a 3,300-strong team of professionals who make it their business to know our clients’ businesses from the inside out, giving exceptional care to structuring front-line transactions that achieve consistently high ratings for customer satisfaction.

It has everything to do with incorporating best business practices — many of which we initially introduced and have since become industry standards — but never becoming complacent in our thinking, as there will always be better ways to accomplish an objective or perfect a procedure. We challenge ourselves to continuously incorporate those innovations into our clients’ operations so that, in their customers’ eyes, they shine.

So while Faneuil may never become a household word, that doesn’t concern us. What matters more is that our clients’ brands are enhanced, their business practices are regarded as the best in their respective industries, and their customers receive exceptional service on time, every time.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Faneuil [FAN-yuhl], Inc., is a nationally recognized leader in technology-enabled in-person and automated service delivery, particularly in regulated, highly complex environments in which precision and mastery of guidelines are of critical importance. The company provides business processing solutions for an extensive client portfolio that includes both commercial and government entities. Utilizing advanced applications and a team of more than 3,300 service professionals, Faneuil delivers broad outsourcing support, ranging from customer care centers, fulfillment operations, and IT Services, to manual and electronic toll collection, violation processing, and medical device tracking, always with the goal of building its clients’ brands by providing exemplary customer service.