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Faneuil provides solutions that free our clients to focus more intently on managing their day-to-day operations, while we concentrate on providing exemplary service to their customers. To best do so, we dig deeply into all the reasons organizations choose to outsource business processing tasks. This insight, combined with Faneuil’s more than two decades of experience in developing customized solutions that achieve the vision of our clients, makes us the perfect partner for any organization intent on putting its best foot forward.

Every Faneuil implementation begins with a comprehensive analysis of our clients’ customer-facing and back office needs. We study historical and current volumes for each service channel, research factors that can cause demand to rise and fall, calculate appropriate staffing levels, and determine the education, experience and skill sets required of employees who will serve in frontline, management and support positions.

As many of our clients operate in complex, highly regulated industries, we take on the challenge of simplifying the customer experience – providing information in clear, easy-to-understand terms that equip customers to make informed decisions, whatever the channel. Candidates for employment are carefully vetted; tested to ensure their attention to detail and other capabilities align with program requirements; and, following hire and completion of classroom instruction, undergo a period of closely supervised on-the-job training.

Delivering on our customer-first philosophy, we develop customized technologies and implement best-in-class applications that ensure prompt, personalized support; information processing is fulfilled to the highest standards of accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

What matters most to us is that our clients’ brands are enhanced—we see to it that their business practices are regarded as the best in their respective industries and their customers receive exceptional service on time, every time. Our passion, inspired determination and individualized approaches are the hallmarks of this customer-centric focus, distinguishing Faneuil from other providers.

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