Faneuil Announces Acquisition of Realtime Digital Innovations, LLC
RDI Acquisition Reinforces Faneuil's Commitment Innovation
    July 31, 2019

    Hampton, Va. – Faneuil, Inc. (“Faneuil”), a leading 100% U.S.-based provider of multichannel customer care and other business processing solutions, today announced the acquisition of Realtime Digital Innovations, LLC (“RDI”), their longtime partner in business process technology innovation.

    RDI’s business solutions focus on intelligence augmentation, process innovation and user experience. The company has been an exclusive partner to Faneuil for more than 18 months in developing digital solutions that have significantly enhanced Faneuil’s contact center operations and customer service capabilities. The technology and solutions developed through this relationship have been instrumental in reinforcing Faneuil’s commitment to providing a best-in-class experience to every participant involved in customer service, including the end-user, customer, and client. As a subsidiary of Faneuil, RDI will continue developing their signature Software as a Solution in partnership and consultation with Faneuil.

    “With the established success of our partnership with RDI, Faneuil has made the strategic decision to further this relationship by acquiring the company, adding value by delivering innovation to our fundamental operations,” says Anna Van Buren, Faneuil’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The acquisition of RDI aligns with key aspects of Faneuil’s continuing strategy of growth, industry leadership, and business transformation.”

    Faneuil has acquired RDI as a wholly owned subsidiary of Faneuil while retaining all existing RDI employees and appointing two members of RDI leadership to serve as Executive Managing Directors of the business. Faneuil plans to consolidate the RDI business under Faneuil’s corporate umbrella.

    About Faneuil, Inc.

    For more than 25 years, Faneuil ( has specialized in designing, implementing managing and operating multichannel customer care and back-office business processing solutions for government and commercial clients operating in complex, highly regulated environments nationwide. Headquartered in Hampton, Va., Faneuil delivers broad support to several diverse industries, including transportation and tolling, health and human services, utilities, state and municipal governments, and commercial/retail services. With an unrelenting focus on creating consistently positive customer experiences, Faneuil’s customer care professionals are intent on building the brands and reputations of its client partners every day.

    About Realtime Digital Innovations, LLC

    Built on more than 20 years of developing digital business solutions, Realtime Digital Innovations was an early adopter of advanced data analytics and leading-edge technology capabilities. Realtime founders and team members all have one thing in common: helping customers innovate and transform their businesses and industries forever. With expertise in process automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and intelligence augmentation, RDI defines and creates leading processes and user innovations through insightful, creative, and agile business methodologies.

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