Faneuil Announces Launch of Vistio
Faneuil to expand services of subsidiary under new branding
    January 11, 2021

    Hampton, Va. –  Faneuil, Inc. (“Faneuil”), a leading provider of multichannel customer care and other business processing solutions, today announced the rebranding of their subsidiary Realtime Digital Innovations, LLC (“RDI”) under the new name Vistio.

    Vistio’s solutions, developed by Vistio in partnership with Faneuil, focus on improving the agent experience and have been a crucial element in the optimization of Faneuil’s contact center operations and customer service capabilities. Now as Vistio, the company will for the first time offer their software to contact centers outside the Faneuil customer base.

    Faneuil acquired Vistio, then known as RDI, as a wholly owned subsidiary in July 2019, following almost two years of exclusive partnership. Vistio’s innovative business solutions have been a key aspect in reinforcing Faneuil’s commitment to improving the customer service experience for all participants, including the end-user, customer, and client.

    In 2020, an increased demand for Vistio’s capabilities provided the company an opportunity to expand, leading to their rebranding and launch of new services.

    “Working with Faneuil over the last couple of years has given us the opportunity to evolve and strengthen our solution with the help of the Faneuil customer base,” noted Gregg Antenen, Vistio’s Executive Managing Director. “Now, with a mature product, a growing list of customers, and a track record of success, we’re confident our solutions can benefit a much broader group of contact centers.”

    “We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring Vistio’s digital solutions to a broader market,” said Faneuil’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Anna Van Buren. “In working with Vistio throughout the past several years, we are proud to have shared in so many of their accomplishments and innovation, and to now accompany them through these next steps.”

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