Test looms for CT’s insurance exchange
Hartford Business Journal
    October 3, 2016

    The fourth annual enrollment period for the state's health insurance exchange could prove to be its most challenging.
    Headed into the Nov. 1 enrollment kickoff, Access Health CT faces numerous headwinds that could hinder its efforts to maintain or grow its base of 99,000 non-Medicaid customers.

    Access Health has lost half of its participating insurers and seen double-digit increases in 2017 premiums. Meantime, brokers — a key sales channel over the past three years that accounted for approximately 40 percent of exchange customers — have been all but eliminated from the process after Anthem and ConnectiCare axed commissions.

    The broker vacuum will place a much larger burden on Access Health's newly hired call-center vendor, Faneuil Inc., which will hire 20 brokers to work in-house and offer advice on plan selection for those who ask for it.

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