We are continuing to work through our remediation process and have made significant progress in restoring our systems. Many of our customers are back to full operational capacity and we are fielding any remaining issues on a case-by-case basis. Our third-party cybersecurity team is continuing their investigation into the attack, and we plan to keep our stakeholders apprised of relevant developments as we are able to share more information.

The entire Faneuil team is working around the clock to bring this situation to a close, and we appreciate the understanding and patience of our employees and customers. The sole focus of everyone at our company is the safe and timely restoration of our systems so that we can continue to provide our customers with seamless service.


On August 18, 2021, Faneuil detected a ransomware attack that accessed and encrypted certain files on our servers. Upon learning of the attack, we promptly retained legal counsel and third-party cybersecurity professionals to assist in responding to, remediating, and investigating the incident. We have also notified law enforcement and plan to work with them as they conduct their own investigation.

Due to the nature of the attack, some Faneuil systems are currently inaccessible, and some of our customers are experiencing intermittent service disruptions. Our team is working around the clock to remediate these systems and restore seamless service for all our customers. We are also in the process of implementing additional measures to further enhance the security of our environment. Nevertheless, we do not currently believe our cloud-based Office 365 environment has been impacted by the attack, and it is still safe to do business and communicate with Faneuil.

Our investigation into this matter is ongoing and plan to keep all of our stakeholders informed of the latest updates as we move through our recovery process. All of us at Faneuil apologize for any service disruptions this attack may have caused our customers and we plan to serve their needs as best as we can while we work to bring our systems fully online.