Focus on managing your day-to-day operations while we concentrate on providing unforgettable service to your customers.

Helping you help your customers is our priority. Whether it’s a simple account update, or a more complicated healthcare coverage issue, we ensure each engagement creates the experience you want and your customers expect.

Many of our clients operate in complex and highly regulated industries. We work with you to provide information in clear, easy-to-understand terms that empower your customers to make informed decisions, whatever the channel, and turn them into brand advocates.

Four Office Workers Meeting

Every client merits a unique solution.

We draw on three decades of experience, expertise and success to solve your specific business problem and create programs that reflect your spirit, values and vision.

It starts with a comprehensive analysis of your customer-facing and back-office needs using insight gained from managing millions of interactions each day. Then we go one step further and ask, “Does this program truly represent your organization and enhance your brand?”

To craft your business solution, we apply proven best practices, deploy industry-leading technology and energize our highly skilled and passionate team.

Every job requires the right people.

We use advanced tools like Predictive Index™ to evaluate the skills, personality and behaviors required to succeed on your program. Candidates are carefully vetted and tested against this profile to ensure they’re the right fit, and that their skills, strengths and other capabilities align with your program’s requirements.

This ensures the professionals representing your brand across all communication channels not only get the job done right the first time but will represent you in the very best light.

Following hire and completion of classroom instruction, we support our people and their success through on-the-job training and ongoing development. Whether in customer-facing or fulfillment, data entry or other back-office roles, we instill the drive to exceed program goals in each person we employ.

Femail Customer Service Representative Talking to Customer on Headset

Every employee and customer benefits from technology.

We deploy market-leading contact center technologies to enable organizations of all sizes and industries to provide exceptional, personalized experiences. Whether through your contact center or in real time via your website, social media channels and live chat, customers today expect seamless cross-channel support.

At Faneuil, we blend the “human touch” with “intelligent technology” to create seamless customer and agent experiences. Our agents will know your customers and have the relevant context to engage and help them when it matters. We provide agents with the tools and skills to amaze your customers and transform siloed interactions into connected customer experiences.

In addition to industry-leading contact center technology, Vistio’s guided workflow capabilities empower our agents to support your customers more confidently, quickly and accurately—reducing errors, increasing customer satisfaction and improving performance metrics.

Turn your business challenges into growth opportunities.

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