Pioneering solutions for Commercial and Government healthcare agencies

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As a payer, provider, pharma, or government healthcare services provider, you have unique customer management needs. Our specialized services approach allows us to create a tailored, optimized solution that is fully compliant with legal and industry-specific guidelines.

Our commercial and government healthcare clients are supported not only through the processing of customer interactions, but also by Customer Service Representatives who are trained to demonstrate caring, empathy, and a sincere desire to help, particularly in interactions with customers who may be in difficult circumstances. Our staff undergoes extensive training in the classroom and in closely supervised on-the-job settings to ensure the information they provide is accurate, complete, and timely.

Understanding the seasonality of programs in which activity increases or decreases throughout the year, Faneuil’s workforce management team ensures that sufficient staffing is continuously in place to meet predictable peaks in service volumes, as well as those that could not be anticipated, perhaps resulting from media reports or legislative rulings.

Recognizing how critical access to healthcare is, we are grateful for the opportunity to have a hand in providing hundreds of thousands of individuals and families with peace of mind.

Health Plans, Provider, and Pharmaceutical

Faneuil provides innovative, technology-driven support throughout healthcare to health plans, providers, and pharma. Built on best-in-class infrastructure and featuring both a Digital Innovation Suite and powerful Analytics capabilities, our services are designed to go beyond mere continuous improvement and to chart a path of transformation to drive world-class service that exceeds expectations.

Health Plans
For Health Plans, Faneuil provides services across all lines of business including Medicare, Medicaid, and Individual & Family Plans. Our services span from the critical first impression with potential members during the enrollment process, to evaluating their needs through clinical assessment, to optimizing their interactions with the contact center, all the way to back office functions. Our agents can harness the power of our technology to ensure every interaction is as efficient, effective, and consistent as your members expect.

Providers can count on Faneuil to support their contact center needs for centralized scheduling, billing, and any other type of interaction, across our multichannel platform. Harness the power of Faneuil’s experience coordinating complex requirements across multiple locations seamlessly.

Pharmaceutical companies turn to Faneuil to increase sales and drive brand awareness. Faneuil is trusted to deliver responsive, reliable multichannel services that grow sales and allow your brand to shine through contact points that utilize our Digital Innovation Suite to allow for both maximum flexibility and consistency. Whether Faneuil is providing Tele-detailing, e-detailing on a web-based platform, supporting your campaigns, or supporting your sales teams the mission is always to maximize the message most efficiently.