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Government agencies increasingly find themselves in a paradox. The scope of responsibility is evolving and expanding daily while your budgets remain stagnant, keeping you perennially understaffed to meet the needs of your constituents.

Additionally, your citizens, accustomed to the private sector’s customer experience, expect the same ease of transacting and interacting with public sector services. The challenge to keep pace with the technological change required to meet these expectations necessitates unique and in-demand skill sets.

To address these issues, agencies are turning to business process outsourcing (BPO). At Faneuil, we help leaders in all levels of government accomplish more with greater efficiencies.

We’re dedicated to delivering secure contact centers for public sector agencies, ensuring your constituents receive exceptional service while keeping their information safe and confidential. We’re equally comfortable delivering a turnkey contact center or operating as an extension of your team.

Our services encompass a wide range of multi-channel and multi-lingual support for day-to-day citizen engagement or emergencies, including back-office and technical support, disaster scenario victim support and rapid surge staffing.

Over the years, and especially through the pandemic, we've delivered time and again for government agencies at every level.

We serve different sub-sectors:


We support state and local governmental agencies from all subsectors in their quest to provide more efficient and effective services.


We offer services to help state and local government emergency management entities provide critical resources to businesses and citizens directly impacted by disasters.


We deliver intelligent health operations that improve patient outcomes, control costs and increase consumer and provider engagement.


Whether it’s mortgage relief, CHIP, Medicaid, TANF, child support or another vital program designed to help families, children and senior citizens, we ensure the services and support provided compassionately meet their needs.

Turn your business challenges into growth opportunities.

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