The energy to serve

Lightbulb and burner on stove

Having continuous access to utilities is essential to our quality of life, and Faneuil’s Customer Service Representatives are intently focused on meeting the needs of consumers seeking to connect, disconnect or transfer service, or to report outages, leaks and other emergencies. We also provide information and enrollment support for energy assistance and conservation programs, as well as conduct billing, collections and other business processing services.

Serving as the public face of our clients in the highly regulated utility industry, Faneuil’s multichannel customer care centers are staffed by utility specialists and technologically equipped to support millions of consumers annually. In every interaction, our objective is to fully address the needs of each customer within the initial telephone conversation, web chat, e-mail exchange, or face-to-face discussion to ensure prompt, accurate service.

When it comes to Faneuil’s service to utility customers, the lights are always on and a warm welcome is assured.