How We Set Agents Up for Success with Technology Training

February 4, 2023

Getting agents up to speed on your business quickly is essential for good customer service.

While agent training typically has agents scribbling down notes or memorizing information, that’s not the right way to turn agents into experts on customer service technology, problem-solving, empathetic conversation— and your company’s mission.

To build a team of knowledgeable agents, training has to be as realistic and thorough as possible. That’s how we ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

We’ll walk you through how our method achieves agent success.

But first, where does agent training typically go wrong?

The answer: lengthy presentations and complex knowledge bases.

When agents aren’t trained directly on the technology they’ll use on the job, they’re ill-prepared to interact with customers and assist them efficiently.

Agents who aren’t trained in an environment that mirrors the reality of their job:

  • Don’t know the nuances of real customer scenarios
  • Have difficulty juggling technology and customer calls
  • Struggle to find the right answers when interacting with customers
  • Become frustrated easily and underperform

We need to bridge the gap between concept and practice.

“You wouldn’t learn how to drive a car in a classroom, just like you wouldn’t learn how to talk customers through a problem in a classroom. Driving a moving vehicle on the road is much different from learning how to change lanes in class.”

—Tom Benton, Head of Operations at Vistio

There’s a large difference between learning a concept and performing the task itself. Creating a learning environment that focuses on real-world modeling is vital when setting agents up for success.

We train agents on the same technology they’ll use on the job to ensure they can assist customers quickly and smoothly. And we use industry-leading workflow tech like Vistio to do it.

The advantages of technology-focused training.


When provided with the right training, agents can quickly progress from training to helping customers, accelerating their path to proficiency. So agents become skilled representatives of your company faster than ever.


Technology simplifies agent training, giving agents the support they need to solve every problem they encounter. Our agents handle each call with ease, hitting quality checkpoints and raising CSAT scores.


When agents are trained with technology, they know what to expect. Our agents feel confident tackling customer calls while expertly navigating tools that are simple and familiar. And confident agents = higher customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive training impacts customer experience.

When agents know what to do, customers can expend minimal effort and leave each call with increased satisfaction.

  • Customers will interact with engaged and empathetic agents.
  • Customers won’t be put on hold and will enjoy quicker service.
  • Customers will experience more first-call resolutions.
  • Customers won’t know they’re speaking to outsourced agents, creating a seamless and straightforward experience.

Accelerating the road to success with realistic training.

Our technology-based training environment makes all the difference.

Agents are trained on exactly what they’ll see when interacting with customers (the same interface, the same steps, the same workflows). And that leads to comfortable, confident, and capable agents who deliver the care your customers expect every time.

Learn how Faneuil can help your business.

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